Lawrence Merrill

A 43 year old man who is not only wise behind his years, but a faithful, sorcerous lecher. He believes his magical talents are a gift from the Great Law, and that both his sorcerous gifts and faith must be spread.


I will add further description later. Backstory biography and whatnot.

Just short details:
A fragile combatant more suited to one-on-one combat.
Has a high inconspicuous and falsehood, plus call-on trait The Story.
Has an okay stealthy.

As for combat, my spellcraft is pretty damn good, so I can potentially cast whatever spell I know. The down-side is, I need to make forte checks following spellcasting and right now my forte is low, so I mostly use but I can boon it (need 2 successes out of 7 on an open ended roll for a +1 bonus to pretty much anything until a scene concludes), boost it (obstacle 3, but each additional success adds an additional die). Plus, I can also train up my forte, etc.

But if I fail a forte check, I am taxed. If I fail by too much, I’m unconscious, and I need to look it up, but I think if I fail TOO TOO bad that Lawrence will die.

However, I am an adequate brawler, and I think my weapons of choice are going to be a chain and a shank. The spell Wall Walker only requires one success to cast, and just one success on the forte check to resist tax (which dissipates in 24 hours), and I’m going to look this up, but I’m fairly sure it states that you get bonuses for attacking from higher ground if you are within reach. So that would be… I believe 7 dice plus 1 die for the improvised weapon plus a die from wall-walking.

Furthermore, my combat strategy for close-range is going to be to be preeeetty crazy. I don’t wanna post it on here at this juncture because I don’t want the GM to metagame.

I am going to actively try to convert the rest of the party to the Church of Great Law, however, as mechanics-wise it would be awesome, and also because in-character, Lawrence believes that his law is the only path to true salvation. Just a warning, and I’m sorry if it gets annoying in-game :/

Anyway, that’s my two cents, and I’ll update this page to be more wiki like after I take some notes from our next proper session.

Never gives his real name to a guard.


Lawrence Merrill

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