Outcast Dwarf that still believes in and defends the Empire


Salmir is a chill, and usually kind Dwarf. He is never caught without his homegrown strand of the Green Herb. He is mostly interested in helping the Dwarves of the world and the Empire against the Evil Invasion. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the safety of his family. He puts his friends first and is so committed to his Word, that he has made a reputation as an Oath Swearer. His personal goals are to be the biggest badass with an Axe he can possibly be.

Salmir’s chillin on the left, smoking with one of his buds.


Born in the Tarran mountains, Salmir was a Platinum Dwarf Noble for the first part of his life. After being exposed to all the bitterness, greed, and negativity, he didn’t really feel like he fit in. Being stuck inside a dark mine his entire life, Salmir finally decided it was time to leave the Tarran mines and explore what else the world has to offer. This meant that he was no longer considered an active member of the Platinum guild and the rest of the Dwarves considered him an outcast. So he took his pony, Independence, and left.

None of that mattered to Salmir, though, because the first time he saw the ocean, he knew he was never meant to be couped up in the mines. He explored as much of the world as he safely could. Each new beautiful sight, he wanted to claim as his own. Sometimes, he did. He’s temporarily lived in several of the world’s most beautiful places. He spent so much time exploring and gaining as much wisdom of the world as he could, he became considered a Longbeard around the Dwarven communities. He learned as much history as he could from the many different villages and towns he visited. The place he stayed at the longest was alongside the Gnomish Dwarves. Not only was it a coastal city full of outside-dwelling, more accepting Dwarves, it had perhaps the most exciting history (Leviathan). While there, he discovered the Great Green Herb and liked the effects of it so much, he got a pipe and decided that he would never be without it. It was also at this town where he met Lilda, his soon-to-be wife. She shared his passion for exploring, but had never left the Gnomish Dwarves. Salmir took his cue and left town with her.

After hearing about the Evil Armies building up and preparing for a hostile takeover, Salmir decided that maybe he needed to get his new wife some protection, so he headed back toward his homeland in the Tarran mines. He couldn’t bring himself to subject his newly pregnant wife and soon-to-be children to a life of darkness and greed, so he went to the woods east of Tarran and built a cottage where they would live out the foreseeable future. Once settled down, they had more kids and he decided he would teach his family the way of combat, so that if it ever came down to it, they could defend themselves.

He lived his life happily for years outside Tarran until he started seeing Elves in the woods where he would hunt. He knew that Elves where supposed to be primarily in the Emerald City. One day, he found out that the Jakkura had allied with corrupt Elves and were building their armies getting ready to start expanding their evil empire. Salmir still believed in the good of the Empire and wanted to preserve all the beauty he had seen in his years exploring, so he enlisted to help in any way he could against the evil horde. It was in the attempted attack on Crosis that he barely survived and met the rest of the party.


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