Vanessa D'Ore

Beautiful but damaged.


Vanessa has long red hair, green eyes, and a fiery demenor. Her ordeal has made her reluctant to trust strangers, especially strange men. A champion for those who cannot defend themselves.

Her favorite foods are roasted chicken and fried vegetables.
Her hobbies include target shooting, fishing, and political discussions.


Born in a small village outside of Golden Harbor called Branch, Vanessa lived a simple life. Her hopes and dreams to experience the greater world around her caused her to leave Branch for Golden Harbor. Knowing no one at first, she managed to support herself as a serving wench in a local bar when she caught the eye of Golden Harbor’s chief guard, Albrecht D’ore, her future husband and the father of her child.

Albrecht was more than just a guard captain; he was also a corrupt, alchoholic, and violent man who would often take out his frustrations on his wife.

Vanessa had finally had enough when he threatened the life of their newborn child, Marco. She took Albrecht’s weapons and armor, killed him while he was drunk, and has been hiding Marco ever since.

Vanessa also has dabbled into the magical world, where she hopes her knowledge will grant her the strength to never be victimized again.

Vanessa D'Ore

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