1. Andrew created the Genessain Civilization, it’s capital Sigil, and The Life Givers religious order.

Sean created The Bloody Gash canyons.

Ryan created The Garden Plains.

Zak created The Leviathan.

Robert created The Frozen Bogs and The Frygg Coast.

James created The Mighty Bull River.

2. Andrew created The Mother, an Avatar.

Sean created cat like monsters (need name).

Ryan expanded The Golden Plains.

Zak did nothing

Robert created The Icefrost.

James expanded The Mighty Bull.

3. Andrew increased The Mother in rating.

Sean expanded size of (blank on sheet)

Ryan created The Khan Civilization, it’s Capitol Vaes Dothrak, along with the religious order of The Bloodriders.

Zak did nothing.

Robert “made the vagina wet, all the time, wet, stinky weather”.

James created Krull The Khan deity of destruction.

4. Andrew created a creation/good Sub-deity of the Khan called Horse in the Sky.

Sean created a Sub-Deity of the Blood Gash called (need name).

Ryan created a Sub-deity named The Mother of Dragons.

Zak created the civilization of Crosis, it’s Capitol Necrosis, and the religious order of (Zak needs to make one).

Robert created The Boiling Bay.

James created The Mountains of Maddening Heights.

5. Anndrew created The Heartflow River, The Mistwood, and The Veil of Shadow.

Sean created The Mournwood.

Ryan created the avatar Khal Droga, and the legendary monster Dragons.

Zak advanced Leviathan.

Robert used a miracle to create The Lawful Tides.

James created the destruction/evil Sub-Diety Death.

6. Andrew created the civilization of the Elves, their Capitol Emerald City, and the religious order of The Band of the Hawk.

Sean increased the cat folk monsters, and expanded Mournwood.

Ryan made the Khan civilization militaristic.

Zak made the Crosis civilization militaristic.

Robert created the civilization of The Architects, their Capitol The Forge, and the religious order of (Robert needs to make one.

7. Andrew “created land/shape around evil area” (No names listed but was a lot of stuff iirc)

Sean expanded terrain.

Ryan expanded Evenwood.

Zak advanced Leviathan.

Robert created The Watchtower.

James created The Fair Folk Legendary Monster.

8. Andrew created the Legendary Monsters The Fey, Vampires, and Werewolves.

Sean expanded terrain.

Ryan created The Talons, Howling Cove, and the legendary monster The Dire Wolves. Expanded Dragons.

Zak raised armies.

Robert created The Lab.

James expanded The Mighty Bull.

The Second Age

1.Andrew created the The Dread Dragons Adamantium Dwarves

1.Sean created [Nei’Koor]]

1. Beaty comm. city, civ, order

1. Zak commanded Leviathan to attack Emerald City

1. Robert created chokehold, advanced civilization and used sub-deity to control climate near lawful tide

1. James created the civilizations of Muertas and Halar with the Capitals

2. Andrew created Ad. Dwaerves army, Ad. Dwaerves civ now rank 2, Adamantium City

2. Sean increased Sha’Adur to lvl 2, created winged serpants in Mourn Wood

2. Beaty comm. civ, city, monster (dragons 4)

2. Zak creates the Oni Tribe and Rine, then raised the rank of Crosis and Rine.

2. Robert created The tide watchers and Avians, orthos controlled climate

2. James destroyed the land bridge, and ranked up muerte.

3. Andrew created the The Empire and ranked 2

3. Sean created sand elves in Tar Tar, made Sha’Adur lvl 3, Sha’Adur makes army

3. Beaty created Valen, Triton, Stormy Coast

3. Zak raised Crosis and Rine in rankings then gave Necrosis and Rine another army.

3. Robert commanded city, raised the forge, formed armies in the forge and chokehold, sub deity created structure great forge, sub deity

4. Andrew Ad. Dwaerves civ rank 3, Emipre order of the Sword

4. Sean shape land to make water flow into Blood Gash, miracle water drains into Blood Gash but never fills, shape land to make Bouina

4. Command Riel (adv., order, rating), command Valen (rating, structure)

4. Zak raised Crosis and Rine to 4. Yeah buddy

4. Robert created titan of creation and titan of destruction

5. Andrew Empire took over the Golden Harbor, founded Freeport

5. Sean made Sha’Adur lvl 3, Sha’Adur made a second army

5. Create Crescent Harbor, Create Korel, Create Avatar Krill Queen

5. Zak made cities, Solitude and Yomi Tribe. Gave Solitude an army.

5. Dragon mother purified, command civ to increase Avians, form alliance with humans and the forge

6. Andrew Emipre civ ranting 2

6. Sean Nei’Koor civi lvl 2, created spirit of Bouina (arcane magic inclined spirit), shaped land made Lake of the Damned

6. Beaty makes more krill

6. Zak creates the Mozoku and Lord Raizen is spawned.

6. Robert created ice keep, increased rating of chokehold, built defensive wall outside chokehold, increased rating of roost, army in roost, built created structure in the roost, orthos made blizzard around ice keep

7. Andrew Sigil rank 2 and army 1

7. Sean Made Bouina lvl 2, made Sha’Ador lvl 4

7. Beaty made more Krill

7. Zak raised Lord Raizen’s rank to 2

7. Robert created the children and the listeners, avatars

7. James attacked and looted the Avians with the Halar

8. Andrew city rank of Sigil, golden harbor, and freeport went up by 1. Sigil army now 2 freeport army 1

8. Sean made branch off civi (human, evil), made Bouina bigger, made Dread Pirates

8.beaty Made krill armies

8. Leviathan fails all over the place like the bitch he is.

8. Ranked up both avatars and performed miracle to give gift of law to The Forge

8. James built armies in frozen throne, ranked up frozen throne, ranked up cohero, attacked cohero with good dragons.

9. Andrew Sigil cultural, Golden Harbor economic, and Freeport militaric

9. Sean created avatar in Sha’Adur, created lake Crown Lake

9. Zak advanced Necrosis and Rine militaristically and gave them more armies.

9. Robert command city, boosted Avians built army and turned militaristic, made another vampire castle

9. James attacked Sha’Ador with Thronehold And lost two armies.

10. Andrew Empire civ by 3, Freeport army 2, and Sigil army 3

10. Sean remade army lost- Sha’Adur army 2, shape weather around Sha’Adur coast

10. Beaty terrain and monster

10. Zak raised Necrosis and Rine to rating 3. Raised Lord Raizen to 3

10. Robert developed civilization shit

10. James

11. Andrew Empire civ 4, Sigil city 4, Golden Harbor city 3, Freeport city 3

11. Sean

11. Beaty

11. Zak raised Lord Raizen to rank 4 and commanded Leviathan to create a tunnel from the southern continent to Leviathan’s Ocean.

11. Robert Arch Dwarves civ 4, Forge city 3, Chokehold city 3

11. James

12. Andrew Golden Harbor army 2, Freeport army 3

12. Sean

12. Beaty

12. Zak commanded Rine and Necrosis armies to attack and occupy the Emerald City.

12. Robert Arch Dwarves forge city 4, chokehold city 4

12. James

Zak created Cantarnia and advances it militaristically.
Evil and Destruction create the Demon-Spawning Mt. Hell where crazy shit goes down. Located in the northern mountains.


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