The Jakkura saw that in order to stand against the Empire, they needed as many armies as possible, so they started expanding by adding cities to create more armies. Solitude was created on the southern outskirts of Crosis and was given multiple Jakkura armies.

Solitude was named after the lone hill that the city was built on. This hill provided the Jakkura settlers a great view of the surrounding countryside and sea. Like most Ork settlements, Solitude appears to the untrained eye as a shantytown or refugee camp. There are a few stone towers and a stone wall the circles the city.

Life in Solitude is short for anyone who is not a Jakkura soldier. The Jakkura are considered the highest class of citizen and they may kill, steal, etc. from any beneath them without fear of reproach.

The working class of Solitude is made up of slaves; both orcs and various other humanoids. Some slaves are raised as a food source for the higher ranking officers.

Dark Elf visitors are rare, and treated with the same respect as the Jakkura, but they are never trusted.


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